Starving Time

The second game to come out of our Box Games collaboration is Starving Time.  Like Mill Makers, we feel it strikes a perfect balance between strategy and luck; learning and fun.




Settle. Survive.  Thrive.

Prepare your mind once again to be transported to the past in a way you’ve never imagined!  Starving Time is a balanced mix between casual party game and serious strategy game for 2-4 players.  You will compete against an opponent in a four phase race to build a profitable colony.  How will you recover from the setbacks?  What obstacles will you force your opponent to endure?  Starving Time is a highly interactive game about early colonization that you’ll want to play again and again!

How do I win?

The first player to build a profitable colony wins the game.  To do this, a player must settle new lands [Phase 1], add essential structures [Phase 2], bring skilled workers [Phase 3], and profit through peace [Phase 4].  The challenge is to complete all four phases faster than your opponent while avoiding various obstacles and setbacks.

What comes in the box?

151 Game Cards,  1 Rule Sheet