Mill Makers

We are excited to present Mill Makers; the first game to come out of our Box Games collaboration.  We feel it strikes a perfect balance between strategy and luck; learning and fun.  Contact us if you would like to get a copy in your hands.


Game Narrative

Mill Makers is a learning game about the early factory system.  The Industrial Revolution in the late 18th century brought tremendous technological and social change in the way goods were produced.  It began in the English and American textile industry.  Entrepreneurs would revolutionize cloth-making by bringing together the capital, raw materials, water-powered machines, and workers needed to produce fabric that would be sent to markets worldwide.  Spinning mills began competing along New England rivers… and this is where Mill Makers begins.


How do I win?

The first player to ship finished textiles to market wins the game.  To do this, a player must secure the means of production [Phase 1], stock their mill with machines and workers [Phase 2], and ship their finished goods to market [Phase 3].  The challenge is to complete all three phases faster than your opponent while avoiding various obstacles and setbacks.


What comes in the box?

1 Game Board,  135 Game Cards,  7 Customizable Game Cards (optional),  1 Instruction Sheet,  2 Quick Start Guides






“[Surprised] You know what?  I would play this game as a game.  You know, like, if it wasn’t about a textile mill. . . I’d still play it.  It’s really fun.  It’s a fun game.  I want to play it again.  Wanna play?”

– Oscar, Age 14, an age group notoriously bored with everything in life



2018 International Serious Play Board Game Award ProgramSilver Award.  Cited for excellence as a serious table top game. link

2018 Creative Industries AwardFinalist.  Top Gaming + Education Projects of the Year (Pittsburgh, PA). link

2018 International Academic Conference on Meaningful Play – Game Exhibition and Competition.  Exhibited Project.  Game competition will be held at the conference in October 2018. link