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Using our experience to produce games that engage learners, we are two creative individuals from Pittsburgh attempting to transform learning through play.

Mill Makers

We are excited to present Mill Makers; the first game to come out of our Box Games collaboration.  We feel it strikes a perfect balance between strategy and luck; learning and funContact us if you would like to get a copy in your hands.

Mill Makers Sales Sheet

Build.  Break.  Fix.

Prepare your mind to be transported to the past in a way you’ve never imagined!  Mill Makers is a balanced mix between casual party game and serious strategy game for two players or teams.  You will compete against an opponent in a three phase race to build a mill, add machines and workers, and ship goods worldwide.  How will you recover from the setbacks? What obstacles will you force your opponent to endure?  Mill Makers is a highly interactive game about early entrepreneurship that you’ll want to play again and again!

How do I win?

The first player to ship finished textiles to market wins the game.  To do this, a player must secure the means of production [Phase 1], stock their mill with machines and workers [Phase 2], and ship their finished goods to market [Phase 3].  The challenge is to complete all three phases faster than your opponent while avoiding various obstacles and setbacks.

What comes in the box?

1 Game Board,  135 Game Cards,  7 Customizable Game Cards (optional),  1 Instruction Sheet,  2 Quick Start Guides


2018 International Serious Play Board Game Award ProgramSilver Award.  Cited for excellence as a serious table top game.  link

2018 Creative Industries AwardFinalist.  “Top Gaming + Education Projects of the Year” (Pittsburgh, PA). link

2018 International Academic Conference on Meaningful Play – Game Exhibition and Competition.  Exhibited Project for “Creative/Innovative work in game design and development” (Michigan State University) link


  • Oscar, Age 14, an age group notoriously bored with everything in life: [Surprised] You know what?  I would play this game as a game.  You know, like, if it wasn’t about a textile mill. . . I’d still play it.  It’s really fun and I want to play it again!  Wanna play?
  • Meaningful Play Conference Critical Comments (from members of the academic community or game industry specializing in the area of the game’s focus):

“I like the overall educational goals of the game and the game mechanics themselves mesh together well.  Really interesting and enjoyable non-digital submission.”

“This is an interesting game submission. . . I think the underlying learning goals are clear through the game’s mechanics. . . it is a clean/solid game about factory building and the learning objective flow forth from that.”

Next Step

We are currently working on three projects:  the collision of two worlds at Jamestown, the journeys of Lewis and Clark, and the lure of California gold.  Starving Time, our second game, is very close to a release date.  Stay tuned.


Feel free to contact us for any reason.  We look forward to hearing from you.  As we continue to work on other projects, Mill Makers is real.  We can get it into your hands.  Starving Time is almost there.  Thanks for visiting our website.  You rock.     – Amy Barone and Jeff Holliday